Tuesday, May 29, 2007

5ive Alive

I played Yahtzee this afternoon at the local school with my Student Buddy through Big Brothers. As we approached the endgame I had my Yahtzee, 3-, 4-of-a-kinds vacant and he had his Yahtzee and 3's open.

I rolled some 5's. And some more. And Yahtzee'd with 5 fives. My buddy rolled a mixed hand, ending up with a couple 3's for his score.

My next turn, against the odds, I rolled another 5 fives. I scored that as my 4-of-a-kind.

His next turn he rolled some 5's. And some more. His last die was cast and it came up 5, for his Yahtzee.

Which left my last turn. Any guesses? Yes. Five more fives for my 4-of-a-kind. Our last five turns yielded 20 fives.

What are the odds? At one point in my life I could have calculated those odds. I still can, but I choose not to, fearful that such an endeavour would contravene The United Church of Canada's policy statement on gambling.

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