Friday, May 04, 2007

The Voyage Home

Almost 13-hours after leaving the hotel I arrived home, safe and sound. We stopped at Princeton Theological Seminary for a picture of all of us riding in the minivan for an Observer article that Pat's been asked to write. After connecting with the Presbyterians, we managed to stay together until the first pitstop for gas and coffee break.

Soon afterwards, we noted that we managed to lose them. Wondering if they had taken a hidden shortcut, we pressed onward to the Cracker Barrel near Binghamton, NY, a pre-arranged lunch location. We saw our companions on the journey arrive 20-minutes later. While there, the sight of parents with their young children stirred memories of home for all of us and we became antsy to get back.

By 4:00 we were back in Tim Horton's territory and back over the border by 6:10. All in all, we only missed a couple highway exits and were in our respective homes in good time. I returned to a sick Rei (maybe an ear infection?), a restlessly sleeping Kai, and a happy-to-see-me Shelley. And I am happy to be seen.

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