Saturday, June 02, 2007


It's a strange fortnight at work: two consecutive Sundays I'll be away from the pulpit, but not away on holiday or study leave. Last weekend was London Conference's AGM, tomorrow is the conclusion of Toronto Conference's AGM when my learning partner Michelle will be commissioned as a diaconal minister.

So even though the weeks have remained full workwise, with Monday School, Bible Study, hospital visits, office hours, meetings, and other administrative duties, I have not had to prepare a sermon for Sunday which is always a big chunk of time. Here it is Saturday and I haven't puzzled out and researched material for a scriptural exposition.

I feel strangely unanchored in my work and time management without that time of writing. However, I did manage to organize my files and tidy the home office somewhat. I'll be back in saddle, so to speak, in 8 days time and my sense of purpose will be nestled in routine once more.

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