Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mad Dash

There was a lot of scurrying around today as you might imagine a family preparing to close on a home purchase upon returning from a 10-day Mediterranean cruise. My list of duties was long and began with cutting the lawn at 8 a.m. and vacuuming upstairs afterwards.

I had some productive time at the office before heading into London where I exchanged Kai's birthday shorts for a smaller size, deposited some cheques, made a pastoral visit to someone in ICU, bought some US dollars and euros, bought a little present for my sister and made it home in time to vacuum the car, remove the car seats, make an appointment with our lawyer and check in with our insurance agent and make supper.

Shelley and I relaxed a bit while we watched the finale of Six Feet Under: Season 3 before writing some notes for the grandparents about the daily routines of the kids and packing our own bags. After giving myself a summer haircut, getting some sleep, there will only be a few last things to do before we jet off to Rome. Good thing too, after all this work, I'm ready for a vacation.

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