Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Neither Rain nor Sleet ...

I had lunch with a minister in the neighbouring town. Our plan was to golf 9 holes after our repast, but the weather was less than ideal: windy and cold. He opted to take a pass on the golf but I had bundled up in golf-appropriate layers and decided I'd tempt the elements and brave the course.

With a busy couple weeks ahead, who knows when my next opportunity to golf would be? My Christmas present, a windproof pull-over jacket, kept me toasty warm and my game went smoothly and quickly (because I was the only one out there, it seemed).

As for how I did? I acquitted myself well on hole #4 but was undone once more by #9.

I guess this makes me a diehard golfer, that "neither cold nor wind stays this courageous golfer from the swift completion of his appointed round."

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