Monday, June 04, 2007

Flip Flops

Maybe it's because I'm most familiar with the world of basketball, but of all the sports it seems to have the most renegers and backpedal-ers of any arena.

Roger Clemens, notwithstanding, has any athlete worn out his welcome more than Michael Jordan? Blasphemy, I know, to impugn the holiness of His Airness, but I couldn't have been the only one tired of his "retiring", trying to play baseball, coming back, retiring, coming back with the Wizards, retiring finally.

The latest is Kobe Bryant burning all his bridges on national radio with his team only to take all of that back and committing to being a "Laker for life".

The latest latest is coach Billy Donovan signing a 5-year $27-million contract with Orlando, with much agonizing drama, only to back out and return to his University of Florida job.

What is it about the sport that eschews accountability and value of one's word? Must have been that new, high-tech ball that they introduced this past October only to bring back the old classic ball in January.

Startling personal insight: maybe this is why my friends call me "Quitter Bastard".

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