Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Littlest Hobo

The churches had my "going away" party today. Even though there's a couple weeks left, today fit the schedules for the most people the best.

I cited The Littlest Hobo and his neverending journey down the road. Such is the call that ministry folk undertake, and it's really hitting hard that I'll be relocating and beginning all over again in a few weeks' time.
After the service, I was presented with an envelope from Arkona United and a print of Rock Glen Falls; Ravenswood United's gift will be ready for my last official Sunday (I'm guessing a quilt), but in the meantime, they gave me a basketball signed by all the people of the church.

Even though there are a couple more Sundays to go, I guess I can give myself permission to start imagining and getting excited about what lies ahead. The formal closure continues here with Arkona and Ravenswood, but I'm planning on taking some boxes of books over to my new office this week. And I'll see the inside of Trinity United in Glencoe for the first time!

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