Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday the 14th

I'm not traditionally superstitious. Friday the 13th isn't something that scares me; although this Saturday the 14th has made its mark on me.

This morning as Shelley was taking Rei to help purchase paint for the house, I was getting Kai ready to play outside. As I was helping him into his sandals while holding open the screen door, the window came crashing down on my fingers. Shelley heard my yelps and agony from the car and rushed to my aid.

After a couple hours, sensation (read: pain) and mobility returned to my fingertips and I headed out to mow the lawn to make the grounds look tidy for the afternoon's wedding. One of the wheels broke off. Not having the time, tools or handimanliness to fix it, I walked amidst the weeds with garden shears clipping down the most obvious eyesores. The irony is that I have a brand spanking new lawn mower at our other house.

As for the wedding itself, it rained through the afternoon, but the service was fine. Plus the array of bandages on my right hand made quite the fashion statement.

Here's hoping Sunday the 15th treats me better.

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