Monday, July 16, 2007

Paint Party

Shelley has the next two weeks booked for holidays. And if you consider "holidays" to mean "painting, packing, moving and unpacking", you'd be eerily in sync with our lexicon.

We've recruited the skills and experience of her sister, who has worked for a couple painting companies, and are absorbing all her knowledge like a fresh roller sponge fitted onto "the cage" amid the central supply depot known as "the kit" – we're even picking up the lingo as we go! Now that Shelley and I've been introduced to the basics of patching, caulking, spot priming, cutting and rolling, we've been unleashed in the house.

First up: Rei's room. She wanted yellow.
Yellow Highlighter
The colour is called "Yellow Highlighter", replacing the orangey-pinkish-terracotta hue that was there. Good thing she's used to having a bright room already; I don't think we'll need to use her light switch at all.

We also got to the master bedroom. Meet Philipsburg Blue:
Philipsburg Blue
It's a touch more elegant than the semi-gloss grape purple that was previously on the walls.

There is something quite satisfying about seeing a room undergo such a dramatic transformation, this must be how Holmes on Homes feels all the time ...

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