Friday, July 27, 2007

Clean Sweep

Like model tenants, Shelley and I returned to the manse today for some heavy-duty cleaning and packing up of leftovers. We swept, vacuumed and handwashed floors; dusted, vacuumed and wiped down radiators; cleaned, vacuumed and wiped out drawers; cleared out and cleaned the fridge and freezer; and conducted other cleaning duties which I don't remember...

Shelley commented that apart from when we first moved in, this is the cleanest that the entire manse has been in the duration of our occupancy. They're are a few minor things left to do on Tuesday, my last day with Arkona-Ravenswood like sort and put out the garbage and recycling, and retrieve a stroller from the attic space that we call "The Sauna".

This evening was setting up and connecting the components of the entertainment unit. One unexpected aspect of big city living is receiving CBC Radio 2 in stereo. Although I haven't tuned in at all since the new programming changes were made, I miss night-time jazz; and I've pretty much gone all interwebby with my radio listening: Radio 3 is the 1 4 me.

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