Monday, September 10, 2007

Bluewater Bottleneck

On a whim, we decided that we'd do some school clothes shopping over the border with a supper at Olive Garden. Our apparent lack of patriotic consumerism (really, how many products available here are actually made in Canada?) was immediately, cosmically rewarded by a traffic jam on the bridge. For 53 minutes we crept along on the Bluewater Bridge, recalling a radio news report that identified this very border crossing as the slowest in Canada and listening to the kids lament "traffic again" as they relived Saturday's ordeal on the 403.

After considering that maybe Rei could have her bath in the morning before school, and a quick-paced shopping spree through
Target, we decided there was enough time to have supper at Olive Garden after all. (You can tell we were thinking with our guts more than anything else). Again the food was marvellous, I didn't find the wine-peddling overbearing, the service was prompt and perky. Rei asked, "Why is she so smiley?"

To which Shelley replied, "She likes her job." Apparently the border toll takers and customs agents that we met on our way home also liked their jobs, because we breezed through without delay.

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