Friday, September 14, 2007

An Open Letter to Political Canvassers

Dear Eager and Zealous Campaigner for the Incumbent,

Thank you for interrupting our evening routine, an extra 30 minutes of shrieking-toddler-going-to-bed was exactly what I was hoping for tonight. Although to be fair, I cannot blame you for overtired and hypersensitive children.

I also cannot deny the (self-interested?) work of the Incumbent to improve the quality of life in Strathroy. Your assertions are correct that no natives have been killed at Ipperwash since your party took office, although I doubt that the absence of murder can be credited to the Premier.

What I take exception with is the cavalier dismissal of my political allegiance, stating a vote like mine is a vote for the dreaded Tory candidate (as if he were Lord Voldemort). That you could not name the NDP candidate (do you even know if this person is male or female?), let alone the Green Party, spoke volumes about political hubris in the riding.

While I'm sure the Incumbent and Premier Dalton need me, I will not use my vote as a negative force, voting against anyone. I prefer my actions to be positive and oriented to a specific vision.

I wish you well on the campaign trail. Please don’t come back. Thank you.

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