Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Real(ty) World

I was at a meeting today at Four Counties Health Services hospital (yes, ministers spend a lot of time in meetings – I count 6 this week) when I glimpsed a familiar looking person across the acute care unit. I figured he was a doctor that I had seen in my travels before.

A few minutes later, as I crossed his path again, I realized who he was: the previous owner of our new home. I knew he did computer work for the hospitals, and there he was. I gave a polite smile and nod as we passed each other, as did he. Although I think he was trying to place my face, or maybe trying to figure out why I'd be in his place of work.

Later this afternoon, in the car, I recognized the name on the personalized licence plate of the car ahead of me as it made a U-turn. This granted me a look at the decals on the side of the car, identifying the driver as the realtor who sold us the house (who by the way, if I hadn't mentioned already, is married to my high school music teacher).

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