Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Could have been worse

The dark pallor of church closure hanging over my head today seems to have manifested itself into a series minor setbacks that Seinfeld would eny.

Despite a productive morning of getting Reiko to the bus on time, getting a haircut and looking into a Christmas gift project, all before getting to church office hours, things took a turn for the tragically comic.

My preparation and planning for the day forgot to bring the laptop power cord. It was left at home so there was not a lot of computer work to be done. I had to resort to using an actual concordance, physically flipping through the hymnbooks, and writing liturgy in longhand.

I planned on leaving a little earlier to go to London but discovered I had managed to lock the keys in the car. My cellphone battery died. Luckily, I brought the charger.

Then I discovered our roadside assistance plan had lapsed. Luckily, I could renew it and get service at the same time.

After a short wait, I was back in the car and ready to go. The lens popped out of my sunglasses. After a short search, I managed to reassemble them and I was on my way.

The traffic detours didn't slow me down too much and I managed to get everything done that I wanted. I even managed to be home early for Reiko's return off the bus.

It seemed that all my follies were work-related. Tonight's church meeting only had a couple other people show up. Still, we discussed what we needed to and I didn't hit the possum on the road.

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