Thursday, November 22, 2007

White Club

There's been a lot of news lately about Queen's University and its culture of whiteness. While I'm not ashamed of my alma mater, I'm not the most vocal proponent of the school often telling people "it's a good school, but not as good as it thinks it is..."

I have to say I'm pretty adept at noticing this sort of thing, but I have to say I didn't notice much in the way of white power. Perhaps I was over awed by diversity of gender or sexual orientation. Admittedly, I was inundated with multiculturalism by virtue of 4 years living on the International Floor of the residences.

Although further reflecting on my years at Queen's (an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree, a Master's, and various Senate committees), there is a pronounced dearth of pigment in the derma of faculty and administration. My Japanese language course and Introduction to Islam were the only ones not taught by some variety of white-skinned professor.

It's OK though; some of my best friends are white.

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