Thursday, November 29, 2007

Test Drive

This morning, I took the car in for service (oil change and new headlight bulbs) and drove one of the dealership's courtesy cars, a big boat of a Crown Victoria to work. I had also asked they check the front end and the tie rods, as per the advice of my father-in-law.

Upon my return, I learned the car wasn't ready yet; in process of replacing the broken tie rods and realigning the tires, a bolt broke off and needed to be ordered. Having noted a newer courtesy car in the parking lot, I asked if I could take a smaller car overnight instead. After signing the necessary insurance waiver, I was given the keys to a 2008 Focus. (Such a waiver wasn't needed for the older, buoyant Crown Vic).

A lot of changes have been made to the design of the Focus since we bought ours in its first year of production. I quite enjoyed the satellite radio on the short drive home. I didn't mind running errands tonight in town, banking and groceries, as I perused could listen to CBC Radio 3 (Sirius channel 94) in real time while on the road.

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