Saturday, April 05, 2008

Blogging in Bulk

Another busy week that was ...

Sunday: a cooperative worship service shared by United Churches in the area and a concert for the Foodgrains Bank that evening.

Monday: Reiko woke with a hoarse, barking cough and feeling out of sorts. We kept her home from school but did see her teacher in the grocery store that afternoon.

Tuesday: Zonked again, the newly-replaced satellite receiver is acting up again - showing the same error code, only making a squeaking sound as well.

Wednesday: introduced Rei and Kai to Peter Gabriel's live show antics by playing the concert DVD of his song "Growing Up" which features him climbing into a giant plastic ball, bouncing and rolling around the stage. Also - first barbeque of the year!

Thursday: had a consultant (salesperson?) from a multimedia company in London survey the sanctuary for projector screen possibilities. Had a phone call from Ursula! I'll continue investigating what accreditation I'll need to perform a wedding in BC, or California, or Las Vegas.

Friday: the husband of a former colleague succumbed to his cancer this week. I went to the visitation in the afternoon. 49-years old, 3 kids, sometimes life makes no sense.

Saturday: installed the new satellite receiver for the TV and had to haggle pretty forcefully with the customer support line for some recompense and managed a $20 credit. Where's the justice? At least things were up and running in time for some Yo Gabba Gabba and Kansas U's advance to the Final Four finals.

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