Wednesday, April 16, 2008

An Enchanted Evening

April is a crazy month with Shelley working Wednesday and Thursday evenings, Reiko's birthday celebrations and dance recital, and me being away for two extended trips out-of-province. Kai's amiably going along for the ride.

Tonight was photo night for Rei's dance class, as well as some church meetings for me. The plan was to have supper (no hitches there), take the kids to the dance studio for the photo shoot (Rei became rather clingy and resistant to the idea of picture-taking), pick up the babysitter (half an hour late, plus Rei feeling sick to her stomach, pulling over and getting her out of the car), drop the kids and sitter off at Early Years where Shelley was working (get Rei to the bathroom there), and hustle to my meetings (on the way out of town, a couple kids yelled in my direction, "Hey! It's a China man!" By the time I decided between having a dialogue with them or flipping them the bird, they were out of range and I was still late).

Who would have thought that I would find refuge and sanctuary, order and structure, in a church meeting? God's ways are mysterious indeed.

I got home late that night to see the realtor's minivan in our neighbour's driveway (presenting an offer?) and the heavy duty fabric cleaner was stationed by the front door of our house. Sure enough, I learned that Rei had thrown up a few times on the way home from Early Years with Shelley.

There's a church hymn/anthem titled "All in the April Evening". I don't think this is what the writer had in mind.

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