Tuesday, April 08, 2008

SingStar Starship

Given that we're relatively isolated from the hip and happening hot spots of Nova Scotia, it was up to us to make our own fun. (Not that watching Kansas come back and win over Memphis wasn't fun last night! In the end, my NCAA bracket had the only answer that mattered. Plus I got to whoop it up with national church staff!)

Tonight, we powered up the Sony Playstation 2 and plugged into SingStar, the engaging and embarrassing sing-along for all ages and abilities. While we enjoyed picking and choosing our selections (I fear my rendition of "Ice Ice Baby" might find its way onto the Facebook), things really got rollicking when we launched into an 8-player team showdown.

There's nothing like competitive karaoke for community building. For some reason, we all thought that we could sing Starship's "We Built this City" better than the Sony PS2 thought. Marconi played the mamba; Listen to the radio ...

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