Monday, April 28, 2008

Plumbing and Late Nights

The week that was, was a blur.

After turning on the water shut-off valve to the outside backyard tap, we noticed a leak in our basement ceiling. We turned everything back off, mopped up as best we could and waited for the morning to ask around about plumbers and to call our insurance agent for some ideas.

With the advice from our neighbour, I made some adjustments to the bleeder valve on the tap and hurray! that seemed to do the trick.

We celebrated Reiko's actual birthday in a low-key fashion: presents in the morning, some more cupcakes in the afternoon, and a visit to a friend's dance class in the evening.

The next night was the dress rehearsal for Rei's recital, (and pick up her soccer team uniform, #8 of "The Acclerators"), whereupon she got home at 8:30 and very tired.

We've been attending the Family Math program in Forest which runs on Thursday evenings, so by the time we all got home it was another late evening for the kids.

More stories about late nights (and Rei's dance recital) to come.

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