Monday, June 09, 2008

Quotations from Kai

As we head into the Early Years Outreach program: "You're the man, Daddy". Indeed, I was the only adult male onsite. All the other caregivers and staff were women and it's a pretty safe bet that when I hear the word "DAD!" being called in the crowded room, it's for me.

I had planned on taking Kai to the chip truck in Glencoe for a healthy lunch of roadside fries. Except it wasn't there any longer; I guess business wasn't so good. A disappointed Kai suddenly got very excited when he saw a transport truck with a Doritos ad emblazoned on its side: "There's a chip truck Daddy! Follow it!" We settled for McDonald's.

While changing his diaper, I commented to Shelley that he'd had a lot of poops today. His immediate response? "I didn't eat any sand!" (referring to times that we'd find sand in his diaper from his sandbox ingestion).

There was something else that was rather witty that he said, but I can't remember it. You'll have to trust me that it was a zinger.

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