Saturday, June 28, 2008

Instead of Sermon Writing

It's Saturday night and I'm not working on worship services for the next morning! Rather it's been the back-blogging update bonanza.

After daycare on Thursday, I took the kids with me to my parents' farm for a couple nights leaving Shelley home alone. She gets some time to herself, my parents get some time with the kids, the kids get some time with their grandparents: everyone wins!

Friday afternoon we went into Mitchell to visit some adoptive great-grandparents, played in the park, visited the animals and birds at the zoo. My brother joined us for supper, and seeing as he missed Kai's birthday party because of a ball tournament, he came bearing gifts: more Cars cars.

After saying goodbye to Grandma and Papa, and one of his pigs, we came home to a rested and appreciative Shelley. Then it was a quick turnaround to head into London for some summer clothes shopping for me, some patio furniture comparing and supper at East Side Mario's (on Wonderland as Kai is quick to request, remembering a previous Daddy Day that featured playtime at Adventures on Wonderland followed by supper at the very same restaurant).

Good thing I don't have church obligations tomorrow, I'm a little tired.

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