Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Windows Wednesday

Even though I'm on holidays, my homemaking services have been pressed into service. This morning, I washed the west- and north-facing windows. While I had the ladder up, I checked on the eavestroughs/downspouts with no further action needed. The one that we know is clogged, I cannot reach. I don't know if being taller would make me a better basketball player, but it would make me a touch handier around the house.

Then I assembled the kitchen cart that Shelley and I bought as an anniversary present (yeah, it's not as romantic as last year's Mediterranean cruise ...) which took much longer than I planned. By the time I finished, it was raining and so the east- and south-facing windows will have to wait for another day.

Today also marked the last day of school for Reiko which we "celebrated" with a soccer game. She's becoming more comfortable using her non-dominant foot, adding to her potent on-field arsenal.

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