Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Golf Rules

With the day dawning bright and dry, it was with great anticipation that I headed to Arkona Fairways to meet a friend for golf. It's a bit of a departure from my usual practice of walking 9 holes on my own; we booked for 18 on a power cart.

It seemed we were scheduled to tee-off before a Ladies' Day Out so while we weren't pressed to keep ahead of the pack, we were aware that 8 foursomes were behind us. The first 9 holes went rather well, once my partner got the griping about his work out of his system.

We paused for a quick bite of lunch before heading out for the last 9, though not quick enough, apparently. I guess one of the rules is you don't stop for too long "making the turn" and lose your place in line. When we got ready on the 10th hole, a cart pulled in behind us and a woman screeched at us for breaking this commandment. We had figured that if we got caught in the Ladies queue, we'd just sit back, relax (while keeping up with the pace of play) and continue to enjoy the day. I guess not.

I'm not sure what the problem was because once we got to the 11th hole, we didn't see her foursome for the rest of the day. Still, it gave us someone to blame when we duffed a shot.

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