Friday, August 03, 2007


We're settling in and things are finding there way to their proper places. Internet access is finally up and running. Although the frayed and fickle power adapter for the iBook started smoking and sparking tonight and I had been using the laptop unplugged, seeing if my internet problems were isolated to a specific phone jack (or any of the 10 ethernet ports available in the house), so the battery is too low to use and there's no way to recharge it.

And it's the long weekend so Apple Customer Service is on holidays, leaving me unable to wrangle a replacement part until Tuesday. So it's back to the desktop re-learning keyboard shortcuts, etc.

Soon you'll get a gushing backlog of what's been memorable and mentionable in our lives. And once I find the camera cord, I'll post some more pictures of our place. But there more important matters to attend to: Harry Potter. Don't tell me what happens, I've managed this long to avoid the spoilers.

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