Thursday, August 30, 2007

Children of the R3-30

Our Monday mornings have nestled into a comfortable routine. One of the first things to do is download the latest podcast of the R3-30, CBC Radio 3's chart show. This provides the soundtrack to our car ride to Glencoe Presbyterian where the Ontario Early Years has a drop-in program. It's part of my effort to be a visible presence in the community, get to know some of the locals and spend quality time with Rei and Kai.

It seemed that they were paying particularly close attention to the podcast this week, bopping along to songs, and delighting in the sound effects and jingles. Rei even chided the host for his use of the words "stupid" and "shut up". I'm planning on writing to the show (and by "write", I mean "email") and let them know how positively the kids respond to the podcast. I may even try to get a couple of CBC Radio 3 slide whistles out of the deal.

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