Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Nothing Rash

There's too much catching up to do, it'll have to be done piecemeal over the next little while. I may end up giving a categorized summary of our last few weeks as events and stories relate to the tagline description of this very blog.

Yesterday, in the humidity and heat, we noticed that Kai had developed a rash on his face. I wondered if it might be a heat rash, thereby putting him in good independent Canadian company - CBC Radio 3's host Grant Lawrence was complaining of a similar ailment. More seriously, we wondered if it was an allergic reaction to the antibiotic Kai was taking for his latest ear infection.

I called Telehealth Ontario and spoke with a nurse who suggested that it was likely a viral infection following his fever of last week; nothing abnormal. He went to daycare this morning and we informed his teachers of his situation and our efforts to ensure the public safety of their institution.

While on the phone with Apple to arrange for a new power adapter (replaced free of charge - I knew things would work out when the "on hold" music was Counting Crows, the powers of Ursula were smiling upon me), call waiting kept interrupting. The daycare called to say that some other kids also had a similar rash and that parents/caregivers were asked to take their children to a doctor to confirm it was not contagious.

I couldn't get an appointment anywhere with anyone, plus Kai's health card was in the other car, so I picked him up for a Boys' Half-Day at home. Once we got his health card, I took him to the After-Hours clinic in town where we waited for a couple hours to find out exactly what we knew already: viral infection, not contagious.

Considering he was missing supper and encroaching on bedtime while we waited, Kai was extremely good-natured and charming. He must take after his father (and by that, I mean me, of course).

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