Wednesday, August 08, 2007

First Day at Work

Operating on the long-standing notion that Office Hours were Wednesday and Thursday mornings, I arrived at the church (with its sign out front offering a cordial welcome to yours truly) to find no one was there. I made a couple calls and someone arrived to let show me the secret passcode to unlock the key to unlock the door.

With my laptop still unpowered, I thought I could use the desktop in my office - yes, a real office with doors and windows and walls - but soon figured out (after brushing up on my Windows '98 lore) that I couldn't connect online. While my computing skills were curtailed, HandyDaddy appeared as I helped re-erect (not to be confused with "resurrect") the Organist Parking sign.

I sampled some fine family dining for lunch, did some reading for the sermon and got a new ID card at the local hospital. Then it was home for some lawnmowing and weedeating before Shelley and the non-contagious kids returned.

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