Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Morning Run

I planned for a morning run (it's a little cooler in the day, less mosquitoes) today after seeing Shelley and the kids off to work/daycare. Once they left, I remembered that we hadn't given Kai his antibiotic for his latest ear infection. I called Shelley but she wasn't answering her cell phone.

I grabbed his meds, jumped in the car following their trail and kept calling her phone. As I was leaving Strathroy, she answered (it was on "vibrate") and decided to wait by the side of the road for me to arrive. A few minutes later, I pulled over, dosed my son and returned home. And that was my morning run.

Ironic endnote: So I go for a run after supper and after my return, realized that Kai didn't get his evening dose. Except he was now too sound asleep to administer his meds, even though he's just down the hall and not kilometers away.

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