Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Update Lowdown

Returning to the recent recap:

... music ...
While we were painting the house, we were tuned into the local rock station that continues to include too much Nirvana and Pearl Jam (sorry, Urs!) in their rotation. I was pleased to hear some of my discoveries from CBC Radio 3 like Saint Alvia Cartel and Pink Mountaintops breakthrough to the mainstream. We always knew when it was 2:00 because the DJ would sign off with the instruction for us to "stay awesome".

We celebrated Shelley's birthday with the purchase of Tegan & Sara's newest release, the reigning queens of Canadian twin lesbian rock. I continue to be entertained and enlightened by the Radio 3 podcasts and have added their latest innovation to this blogsite so that you can hear the Song of the Moment for yourself.

The kids enjoy having Treehouse TV and Shelley and I have taken a fancy to the Food Network. We're making use of the time-shifting to see our shows and figuring out the PVR. I can remember a time when we could only see a TV show during the time it was aired. If we missed it, we missed it and had to wait until the next week to see it again.

...Save me Jeebus, indeed!
Puppet Jesus is safely packed and stowed in his diaper box, on his shelf in the church office. Although the last time he was out, Kai was mildly intrigued once the initial terror wore off and Rei was decidedly less frightened. I'll introduce PJ to the churches when the time is right; it'll be his Second Coming.

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