Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Week Gone By

It must be the High Holy Hectic time of Christmas coming. To share the newsworthy events of the week that was:

Saturday - Rei's dance class had an open session where the family could sit in and see their starlets perform.

Sunday - Snow Day! - No church services that morning. Shovelled out the driveway in the morning. And in the afternoon. And in the evening after the plow went by. Still, it was easier than digging out the manse driveway of yesteryear.

Monday - After an Early Years morning of having the site to ourselves, we dug some more in the afternoon. We excavated a snow cave in the mound by the road (facing the sidewalk, for safety's sake), dug a snow staircase into our front yard and channelled a snow tunnel/slide.

Tuesday - After daycare/school/work, we headed to London to do some Christmas shopping, strategically avoiding Santa and his picture throne; not because the kids would then pester us to stand in line, but because of the real and present danger that His Jolliness represents.

Wednesday - I bought snow tires for Shelley's car, but the garage didn't carry the proper size rims (contrary to what they told me the day before, when I was calling around). So they mounted the tires on the current ones and my automotive investigations will continue.

I realized that my Christmas holidays begin in 4 days. Maybe I'll have more blogging time then; in the meantime, the preparation continues.

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