Thursday, December 13, 2007

Running Behind

I thought I was being so clever and time-savvy this morning when I directed my morning run towards the bank; I still got about 5 km out of the deal as well as some buisness transacted. That was about the only time I was ahead of the game today.

The recycling/garbage truck tricked me by going down our side of the street first, usually the other side gets picked up before ours does. So I didn't quite have everything sorted and bagged and tagged in time. At least there's next week.

One more good thing: I had completed my run before all the snow blew in. Which means the drive to work took some extra time and I proceeded straight to the seniors' apartments to get ready for the Christmas service with the ministerial. This also meant I didn't get to print off my mini-sermons; so I handwrote some margin notes and winged it.

The afternoon Christmas service at another seniors' home was late starting and with the addition of 4 musical pieces by the local school choir, it was even later finishing. Then it was onto a visit with a parishioner before picking up the kids from daycare.

Running late again/still, I called Shelley to see if she could gather the kids and meet me at a restaurant for supper. From there, Shelley went back to work and I took the kids home for bed. At least I was back in time for "Survivor: China"'s penultimate episode.

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