Monday, December 10, 2007

December & Everything after

It's been a while since my series of conscientious updates so it's perhaps time to recap the week that was.

On Tuesday I conceded defeat to Satan. The library wanted its book back and I was only halfway through the lyrically fantastical tale of religious incarnation known as The Satanic Verses. I'm not sure where the controversy lay and I didn't really have any sense of connection to the characters. While I enjoyed Rushie's writing style, it's not an easy or particularly compelling read, I just didn't have the time or concentration to finish. Maybe another time, along with Ulysses.

Wednesday I met with a family who lost a 25-year old son in a traffic accident on the weekend. So you can imagine where much of my attention went this week.

Thursday I had to track down "The Pizza Villa" in Glencoe to meet with one of the ministers-across-the-road to plan the Christmas worship services at a couple of the senior citizens' homes. I took a stroll to what I assumed was said Pizza Villa only to find a small countertop take-out operation that lacked seating of any kind. I stepped outside to discover my assumption led me to "Pizza Picasso".

I headed back to the church, met up with my meeting partner and we headed over to the intended site: "The Villa Dining Lounge". Such is life in the small town – discovering the difference between what things are called and what they're known as.

Friday was sugar-high day for the kids. Aunt Shauna and John came over with a gingerbread house which the kids confectionarily assembled.
Then it was to A&W for supper which included some orange pop. Kai cheerfully and loudly identified a fellow customer as "SANTA!" who just happened to have a grey-white mustache-beard combo and a bit of heft to his physique. While we agreed with Kai that, yes, that man did resemble the societal construct known as Santa, it was not His Jolliness dining near us. The man in question was goodnatured enough, but ate quickly and left before someone else blew his cover.

Saturday was the funeral service and some preparation for Sunday morning. Not sure what more to say beyond that.

Sunday was Sunday, as ever.

And I've run out of blogging steam for tonight.

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