Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas 2007, Part 2

We hosted Christmas with Shauna and John, to the delight of the kids. Rei now has a pet cat named "Catty Whiskey" that purrs when petted, slurps milk when given a bottle and meows when ignored. Kai now has a Little People deluxe castle set, but it's no surprise that he also enjoys the box it came in:
boxed set

There were a few surprises however. An old Arkona Christmas tradition continues with the gift of Stott cinnamon buns. We'd been accustomed to their presence at Christmas and mourned the fact that with our departure, we'd have to turn to Pilsbury for a substitute. The Stotts tracked us down and presented with generous dose of doughy sweet goodness.

Also surprising was the suggestion that we play a board game and Shelley and I quickly seized the opportunity to introduce Shauna and John to the marvellous world of Catan. It was good practice for our upcoming visit with the Parsons-Sheldrakes.

This time it feels more seasonal to say "Merry Christmas".

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