Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007, Part 4

Maybe it's the Boxing Day Blues, but the kids were out of sorts today. Granted, we've had a series of late nights and departures from the usual routine.

On the way through the fog towards Shelley's grandmother's apartment in Exeter, Rei complained of a headache while both kids were generally cranky. For the most part, Reiko didn't eat much and lay down on the couch or great-grandma's bed. It felt like she had a bit of a temperature, so I went to the drugstore for some acetaminophen. Stopping also to get gas, I instructed a fellow consumer on the rudimentary points of pumping one's own petrol, a concept that a was clearly foreign to him.

Rei perked up a bit after her dosage and Kai eventually napped on great-grandma's bed. Our visit wasn't the best, but still the opportunity to create memories for the kids and spend time with family was not wasted. Once home, and still stuffed full of poultry and fixings, we had a small supper and early bath and bed time. Here's hoping for happier kids tomorrow.

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