Friday, January 21, 2005

Magna vs. NetWorth

This one goes out to the "reality" TV junkies out there.

The Donald was at it once more with The Apprentice going to Burger King. Most viewers are likely aware that instead of teams determined by gender, this round has teams based on education: those who "only" completed high school and those with a college degree. It's street smarts vs. book smarts.

While I have to say I appreciate the underdog mentality and "brass bawls" of the high schoolers; it should be no surprise that I must self-identify as booksmart. Especially with Bren, the quiet little educated man. Although Danny's self-declared creative genius and inability to make a quick decision remind me a lot of me...

For those bragging that the net worth of the streetsmart team is 3x higher than the other, I must observe that going to school, paying tens of thousands of dollars per year, instead of working and furthering a career will do that. Spending, instead of earning, during the first 4 to 8 years of these candidates' eligible working years (some having only been in the workforce 3 years, by my guess) leaves the account balance a little low.

Brass bawls or not, don't get too smug NetWorth...

*** Comments contain spoilers for The Amazing Race ***

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