Saturday, January 29, 2005

Progress on one hand

On one hand, progress in the tidying of the home office (after a month of New Year's resolve), whittling down the number of remaining readings to a paltry 15, finishing a couple papers, convincing myself that extemporaneous preaching is a suitable learning goal and preparing for a Toronto Learning Circle, has all been fine, well and good.

On the other, blogging has taken a back seat. My top 5 concert list is still being evaluated (what is going to sneak in at #5?) and a picture of a highly-accessorized soon-to-be big sister Rei has yet to be posted.

Progress is in the eye of the beholder. More beholding to be done at a later date, I've still got Sunday morning to tend to and a congregational annual meeting.

Pending time, energy and internet access, the blogging will be somewhat curtailed for the next couple weeks as I'm off to live with nuns in Toronto. Adios amoebas!

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