Sunday, January 30, 2005

Plugged in

From the cloister of St. John's Convent, my communiques with the outside world will continue! You thought I was kidding about hanging with the nuns yesterday. Nestled in the suburbandale cluster that seems to be Willowdale, my Centre for Christian Studies co-learners and I have embarked on a course of theological edification and personal growth.

In an anachronism of technology and retreat,I find myself in a room with a high-speed internet connection. Until told otherwise (easier to ask forgiveness than receive permission), I will put this bandwidth to good use, sharing the loves and joys of this Learning Circle with those who cannot experience the empowerment and honouring that is this collective community.

The fun begins in earnest tomorrow; for now I will engage the readings that were to have been completed beforehand. Or prepare a sermon for presentation. Or see about settling an island of Catan.

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