Friday, January 07, 2005

Tic Toc/Tick Tock

Hi Toc Alpha!
Seems like there is much energy and excitement about reacquainting ourselves with former members of this once-thriving province-wide youth organization, (one of its great ironies being that the original "TA" group advocated Total Abstinence). No further comment.

So the Toc Alpha blog has been launched and I expect much reminiscing and inside joking.

Also along the lines of tick-tocking: Jack Bauer returns to action on Sunday with 24: Day 4. I expect many explosions and covert operations -- in real time, just like my life is lived in real time. Kiefer is Canadian, name begins with K, has familial ties to the NDP. Just like me. In fact, we're the same person. "Loves and Joys of BuddhaKiefer" ... hmmm, it has a ring to it.

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