Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Web Gems

In the midst of a couple of reports, multiple readings for my upcoming course and preparation for annual meetings and worship services, I have uncovered a couple sites of waste-o.

For those at risk of severe mental disturbance, avoid The Hasselhoffian Recursion. Others may proceed at their own risk. Scrolling through the comments was at least as "entertaining" as the infinite visual assault. (Thanks, Michelle, for etching that image into my mind's eye).

Andrew Pants will write songs at the request of anyone willing to ask for one. He's a York University music student writing Songs to Wear Pants to. I was particularly impressed by Celtic Techno Burrito, reminded of Afro-Celt Sound System and Taco Bell ("intimidated by the size of my burrito"). While I thought the song was a bit long (extended version, go figure) I still wanted it to continue when it was over - a little like finishing The Lord of the Rings.

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