Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Any Given Sunday

Fortified by ibuprofen and cough suppressant, because I have managed to catch another cold, I ventured out into the world to tend to the workings of church during the weekdays. The morning was a windshield-wiping drive to the school where I mentor a boy in Grade 5, through Big Brothers, except the buses had been cancelled. I hadn't heard anything on the radio, nor had many of the teachers and staff.

I checked in with my buddy's teacher and headed off the church camp to drop off the LCD projector we borrowed for Christmas Eve service. I contemplated visiting the rest home but remembering my state of health ventured home on a now-slick road. Many other motorists were driving half-on-the-shoulder for better traction. After sliding past my turn, I did the same.

After some lunch, I sent a few emails, made a few calls and then off again to Bible Study, attend a meeting in Sarnia (roads were merely wet by then) and to have coffee with someone inquiring into ministry as a career (who is wondering about the difference between the diaconal and ordained streams). In lay terms, it was a churchy day today (11 hours worked, if you're keeping track).

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