Sunday, January 29, 2006

Catch up

Professionally, the last half week was spent continuing my preparations for parental leave and the wave of annual congregational meetings.

Personally, our lives have taken various directions:

Kai has taken to rolling around on the floor in a prelude to crawling, completed the baby cereal trinity (rice-oatmeal-barley) and continues to babble joyously. There is a baby bald spot developing on the back of his head where he makes contact with the mattress/floor when on his back.

"Once upon a time" has become an integral part of Rei's days. We've developed an ongoing story about Princess Reiko and her 5 magic ducks who could fly through the air, swim in the water and waddle on the ground. They go on grand adventures like picnics in the woods, sports day at the beach, and tree house parties. We've since named the ducks Beaker, Taylor, Weber, Quaker and Wingy. Who knows what other plot developments await?

Shelley has entered the puzzling world of Sudoku, won a few more Ebay auctions (LeapPad toys and children's clothes).

I've made some travel arrangements to Toronto convents and coastal cities in the coming months.

We observed Family Literacy Day on the 27th (founded in 1999 by ABC Canada, a trivia nugget that seemed to help Shelley land her job). The past week also saw haircuts for everybody.

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