Sunday, January 08, 2006

Thievery in Children's Programming

It seems that Hi-5 has been supplanted by a new favourite show. "Dora the Explorer" with her adventurous desire to help others, her ever-useful backpack and trusted monkey sidekick has become the TV diversion of choice.

In fact, it has been a few days now that requests for Hi-5 episodes were repeatedly made. These days it's Dora. Although Rei is quite fearful when Swiper the Fox tries to meddle with the quest by pilfering needed objects like soccer balls and boats.

What is it with sticky-fingered characters in kids' shows? Swiper the Fox is a pest. In Hi-5, Jup Jup the lovestruck creature of Kimee frequently interferes with her endeavours by eating her food or taking her supplies.

Is it mandated that children's programming must teach lessons about theft and criminal activity? It's bad enough that they introduce the idea of monsters to our innocent ones. Or maybe our kids should watch less TV.

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