Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Sharing the Brain

In our university days, Jeffy, Cheryl and I joked about "sharing the brain". It seemed that the three of us were of the same mind, following the same obscure trains of thought, far too often. When Cheryl first met us, she commented that she needed a handbook to keep track of all the inside jokes Jeffy and I shared. It didn't take too long before she was part of the hijinks and claimed part ownership of the brain.

We did modify our system to allow for the person writing an exam to make use of the brain, sometimes ending up with a two-brains-for-three-people distribution. But you get the point.

After all these years and despite geographic distance, it seems we continue to share the brain. Compare last night's entry (finished and posted this morning) with Jeffy's also posted this morning.

And yes, while I do share the brain with dear friends Jeffy & Cheryl, it is with Shelley that I share my heart. (Everyone altogether: Awwwwwww).

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