Saturday, January 14, 2006

Days are getting longer

Entering the new year, having bid the winter solstice adieu, our biological clocks self-regulate for the shortening nights and lengthening days. There is no accounting, however, for toddler time adjustments.

Our day began at 4:15 a.m. with Rei being awoken by blowing winds and rattling windows. Kai was up around 5:30 which is about usual now for him. We rotated naps throughout the day which was complicated by a birthday party. It was for the 1-year old daughter of one of Shelley's friends from high school, who will be moving to Calgary shortly. So it was a reunion gathering and goodbye rolled up in one event.

Rei did well, playing on her own and engaging all the other children (6 girls + Kai) in a civil and polite manner. She did refuse to share her Care Bear which she brought from home because one of our gifts to the birthday girl was a Care Bear ("Wish Bear" maybe? I don't keep track; it was green...)

The weather tonight is calmer; ideally, that will translate into peaceful slumber.

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