Friday, January 20, 2006

Nothing but the Tooth

Today was dentist day as Shelley and I had our annual cleaning/checkup; it was Rei's first visit to the dentist, strictly as an observer and no looking at her teeth. If she is familiar with the place, people and procedures involved, she won't be as freaked out when it actually is time for her appointment. So the theory goes.

Rei peaceably entered the premises, we've been building up the whole experience for a few days to prepare her for something new. The toys in the waiting room were a hit, and the trepidatious walk past the reception counter to The Chair went fairly smoothly. The only hitch came when it was time for my X-rays and she had to leave the room while radioactivity blitzed the space.

The hygenist ended up picking her up and taking her out into the hall (I knew how well that would go over, but our attempts to peaceably convince her were bearing little fruit). Once that trauma passed, she sat on The Chair with me, playing with some blocks, as my dental trauma was about to begin.

In truth, I don't mind trips to the dentist. I enjoy flossing (Shelley thinks that makes me weird) and would really prefer to floss my own teeth while reclined on The Chair. Cavity-free, Rei and I went home with new toothbrushes safely in our pockets.

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