Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Thrill Is Gone

WARNING: contains obscure baseball references. Proceed at your own interest.

Hearkening back to my teenage years of rabid baseball fanaticism, I was reminded that time does pass and we do move on. *sigh* It's official: Will "the Thrill" Clark is out of the Hall of Fame. His heroics in the 1989 NLCS and steady career numbers were not enough to garner the votes to keep him on the ballot. Granted I never expected him to make it, nor do I think he deserves inclusion, the news just brought on a wave of nostalgia for the late-1980's.

He was my favourite player, topping my list when he played 1B for the San Francisco Giants. From my store of internalized trivia: born March 13, 1964 in New Orleans ( 6'1", 190 lbs), bats and throws left-handed. Middle name: Nuschler. #22 - which is why that was my basketball number.

Those were the days. Being a Giants fan in rural southwestern Ontario has never been easy. Not it's ever been a terrible hardship (except for the time BJ Birdy grabbed my hat and pretended to stomp on it at an interleague game in Toronto. Jays lost. See BJ? Instant karma). Although these days, being a Giants fan anywhere is trying to say the least.

Farewill, thanks for the memories.

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