Friday, April 14, 2006

Glitches and Bloopers

The Jeopardy game that was crafted for a regional youth worship service apparently couldn't make the Macintosh transition and so my favourite question/answer remains unoffered. I present the cyberspace unveiling of said question, inspired by Cheryl's dad and Shelley's grandmother:

Category: Biblical Characters
Q: The Baha-Men may have borrowed the title from their hit song from these last words of Jezebel.
A: What is "Who let the dogs out?"

The giggle-inducing highlight/miscue was an overlap of a documentary video clip of Jerusalem, Pontius Pilate and the Passover featuring scholars from Harvard and other highbrowed ivory towers with the less scholastic audio rendition of "O Holy Night". I don't think anyone realized things were amiss until the computer screen windows started minimizing and closing; the carol was silenced and the video re-started.

The pew was shaking from my internalized mirth which, I think, kept those around me in chuckles. Who said church isn't fun?

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