Saturday, April 08, 2006

Raking in the Games

This morning was spent using a new garden rake to gather up leaves, branches and other detritus from the winter past. I filled up a few garbage bags full in the bright, but coolish, weather. Some more tidying up in the house occurred over the lunch hour and then I was ready to head out to do what I wanted to do yesterday.

For the first golf outing of the year, I shot a modified 53 over 9-holes (it's early in the season, I'm all about forgiveness and mulligan mania). At first, I wondered if I should have just stayed with the driving range but I'd found my stroke halfway through and hit some solid drives and made some decent pitches. Putting and approach shots, as always, need a bit of work.

The babysitter came after supper, where she got a warm reception from Rei; we'd already put Kai to bed. Shelley and I headed to one of her co-workers' place for some Settlers of Catan. My stockpile of Development Cards did not yield a point until my 11th draw; I could have built a couple cities with those resources but still would have finished well back.

Parental leave: fun and games, believe it.

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