Thursday, April 06, 2006

In All Things, Balance

Today was a well-rounded day with the kids. Rei was up at a decent hour (7:30), she's been exhibiting a propensity for sleeping in lately. Her brother was up at an indecent hour, (4 a.m. according to Shelley -- me? I was mostly oblivious), but settled down again around 5:45.

We made it to the Library children's program today where Rei kept to herself while her brother oogled and giggled and shrieked happily at the sight of other kids. Of course, once the other patrons left, Rei cheerily conversed at length with the librarian.

After lunch, Rei watched a video while I did dishes. Then she painted; of course Kai woke up from his afternoon nap wailing exactly when I consented to some handpainting and Rei was in full splatter mode.

The day wasn't totally dominated by TV, we had a length playtime in the park, splashing in puddles, jumping, sliding, climbing and swinging.

All in all, we managed to use our time for some solitude, socializing, play, work, artistry, singing, dancing, acting, and cuddling.

As for the evening, well that is another story... I guess that is part of the broader perspective of balance.

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